Weight your Hooopla umbrella base to suit your needs

The Hooopla umbrella base allows you to weight your umbrella to suit your needs, depending on the size and shape of the umbrella and the strength of the wind.

The hoops in the Hooopla umbrella base, with a diameter of 52 cm, are designed to be filled with water or sand, and comply with European and American recommendations for the manual handling of occasional loads (15 kg max. for a woman; 25 kg max. for a man).
When filled, their weight allows you to handle them easily without risking hurting your back.

filled with water
15 kg
filled with sand
24 kg

Hooopla can fit 29 to 50 mm diameter umbrella poles.
The anti-rotation hoop-bearing pole is equipped with a cable duct so that you can fit a source of light or heat in your umbrella if you wish.