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Hooopla: the new umbrella base
revolutionising outdoor furniture.

Design your own Hooopla umbrella base:
chose the number of hoops to fill with water or sand (5 max.) and your colours (4 colour options).
Light on your pocket, heavy enough to do its job!
The Hooopla umbrella base allows you to weight your umbrella to suit your needs, depending on the size and shape of the umbrella and the strength of the wind. Hooopla is compatible with 29 to 50 mm diameter umbrella poles.
Design your umbrella base by choosing the number of hoops you need according to the desired weight (from 15 to 120 kg). Pick from 4 colour options. The hoops in the Hooopla umbrella base are designed to be filled with water or sand.
Get creative and choose from 1 to 5 hoops, in one colour or a combination of colours, for a made-to-measure umbrella base.
After just a few clicks, your umbrella base will be delivered within 72 hours.